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Aquatic Treadmill Installation

Project Detailsx

Location: Impact Therapy Solutions in Temple, TX
Category: Healthcare
Type: Aquatic Treadmill Installation
Workforce: Plumber, Electrician, Transportation, General Contractor, Forklift Operator
Equipment: Forklift

Project Overviewx

The Pure Install crew completed this project to install aquatic therapy equipment for a physical rehabilitation facility. Our skilled laborers, including plumbers and electricians, worked together to unload with the aid of a forklift and install this essential underwater treadmill. This therapeutic equipment allows for lengthier exercise durations combined with the heightened resistance of the water. Outside of assembling and placement, the aquatic treadmill installation included setup and configuration of a full electrical panel and complex plumbing.

Learn more about the benefits of aquatic therapy from Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers.


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