211 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Restaurant Equipment Removal

Project Detailsx

Location: 6 Restaurants in the Cincinnati, OH and Kansas City, MO Metro Areas
Category: Hospitality
Type: Restaurant Decommission/Restaurant Equipment Removal
Workforce: Project Manager, Forklift Operator, Glass Specialist, General Laborers
Equipment: Telehandler Forklift, Warehouse Forklift, 15-Yard Dumpster

Project Overviewx

The Pure Install team was comprised of six different tradespeople to complete this multifaceted restaurant decommission project. The team consisted of a working Project Manager, Forklift Operator, glass company reps, and general laborers. The crew worked together to remove these massive commercial pizza ovens and other hefty commercial appliances and delicate artwork from six restaurants and into moving trucks. The glass company was also on hand to remove and replace the storefronts in order to create a path for the ovens to be safely extracted from the buildings. The Pure Install team coordinated the various crews, equipment, and moving truck to successfully complete the restaurant equipment removal projects throughout a single week.