211 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Graphics and Retail Fixture Install

Project Detailsx

Location: New York, NY
Category: Retail, Graphics + Vinyl
Equipment: Graphics and Retail Fixture Installation
Workforce: Retail Fixture Installer Team
Equipment: Hand Tools, Drills

Project Overviewx

Our Pure Install retail fixture installer team completed a series of exclusive, confidential installations of fixtures and graphics in Foot Locker storefronts in conjunction with Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s clothing collaboration with Adidas. The much-hyped launch capsule collection required the utmost discretion among suppliers. We received the scope of work just one week prior to service and the renderings mere days prior to service. Our laborers completed overnight installs for 10 stores in major cities across the country—all on a strict timeline in order to prepare for the release the following morning. Our team offloaded the fixtures from the truck, installed the rug piece which needed to be unrolled using a head gun and adhered to the floor using double-sided tape, and finally placed the new fixtures on top of the pad for the new space and installed graphics.