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The Iron Throne Event Installation

Project Detailsx

Location: University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY 
Category: Commercial/Hospitality
Type: Event Installation
Workforce: General Contractor
Equipment: Dollies, Hand Truck

Project Overviewx

The Pure Install crew accomplished an event installation of this hefty 800-lb replica of the iconic Iron Throne from HBO’s cult series “Game of Thrones” for a University of Wyoming campus watch party. Our laborers met the truck on-site and first unloaded the base and throne off the vehicle. The service technicians then moved and installed the Throne within an outdoor courtyard. The excitement was palpable as students began to line up for photos before the job was even complete! Lucky for us, peace was maintained and no battles ensued over its rightful heir. The Throne soon departed Laramie and our team continued to service it as it steadily made its way from the West Coast and eastward to other universities, hotels, and outdoor plazas for end-of-series viewing parties and events.